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I believe that if you be bold, you'll be heard.


BOLDNESS is having the courage to build your dream life no matter what society says.

BOLDNESS is being unashamed of who you are, your personality, your quirks.

BOLDNESS is being vulnerable and sharing the real stuff, not just the “Instagrammable” stuff.

And, BOLDNESS is not letting fear win (because, friend, we all have the same fears).

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Hey there! I’m Amelia Warrener, your Brand Coach and Copywriter. I’m an introvert, a Christian, and I’m on a mission to inspire BOLDNESS in female entrepreneurs.

Say what?? An introvert inspiring boldness? That’s a bit of an oxymoron, no? OH YES. And it doesn’t stop there.

I’m a homebody who’s constantly craving my next adventure.

I’m a [reformed] shy girl who decided to be a leader.

And, I’m a lactose-intolerant lover of cheese (seriously, queso = LIFE).


I know what it’s like to feel trapped in a “safe” job, shackled to your cubicle with no hope of freedom.

I know what it’s like to know that you’re meant for more, yet feel paralyzed by shyness, anxiety, and fear.

I know what it’s like to defy every rule you’ve been taught and take the courageous step into a new career.


Pour yourself a glass of red wine and let’s cut the small talk, shall we? Let me tell you how I got here.  


We might be BFFs if...

A bold lipstick makes you feel like you rule the world.

You think queso + guac should be in their own food group.

Mountaintops make your heart ache in a good way.

You like meeting new people but dread the small talk.

You’re an audiobook-worm.

You consider quiet wine + movie nights at home to be the ultimate form of relaxation.

You appreciate sarcastic comments.

Jesus is your #1 life coach.

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I didn’t always wear these red lips with confidence.

It was quite the opposite story. I was shy, timid, and completely ruled by fear.


Want the Cliffs Notes version?

Things that terrified me:
- The "meet and greet" part of the church service
- Getting less than a perfect score on a test

Things that DIDN’T terrify me:
- Standing at the end of a cliff
- Being face-to-face with a great-white-shark

Maybe you’ve felt this way too: I had this war going on in my head - I had ideas to share and knew I wanted to make an positive impact in the world. I so badly wanted to speak up, but I was absolutely terrified of drawing attention to myself and even MORE terrified of making a mistake once the attention was on me.

You see, I come from a small, traditional, Bible-belt town where girls either aspire to be beauty queens or baton twirlers (I’m dead serious). You were expected to be the “good little Christian girl” and follow all the rules. In this small town, everybody knows everybody - which is sweet and charming, but also means you’re under a microscope. One wrong move, and the whole town knows (and judges you for it).

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As a natural perfectionist, shy girl, and a people pleaser, this was a bad psychological cocktail. It taught me to have high beauty standards, to NEVER make a mistake, and to always be on my best behavior. In other words, ALWAYS be perfect.


on the “nice, church girl” stereotype and showing up as the bold, Godly woman I was meant to be (that all of us women are meant to be).


The Bible did not say for us to be sweet and nice and well-behaved. The Bible did not say for us to be “good, little girls” and sit quietly. The Bible did not say that we have to perform perfectly to earn the Father’s love.


God said for us to BE BOLD and to follow His voice with courageous action.


We are not meant to look over our shoulder, worried about what others think of us. We are not meant to perform perfectly in order to earn love. We are not meant to be paralyzed by fear, because fear is NOT from God.


We ARE meant to worship wildly, to pursue our purpose passionately, and to profess our faith boldly. God has great things for us if we choose to take action and trust Him.


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I didn’t realize how ruled by fear and anxiety I was until I took a 2-month long trip to the opposite side of the world and was free to be who I really was. I realized how small my world view had been, and how silly it was that I cared so much about what other people thought.

I lived in South Africa for two months, far away from anyone who’s judgments I feared, far away from anyone who could tell me that I “couldn’t” do something. It was liberating.

So, I took the risks. I got in a cage in the ocean off the coast of South Africa and found myself face-to-face with a 21-foot-long great white shark (see photo from my GoPro!). I lived in an entirely different culture, met people who were living in roughly built shacks with dirt floors. I found my passion for traveling, and realized that my worries back home were so blown out of proportion. I realized that the voice of fear that I’d listened to for so long was a liar.


I thought that if I followed all the rules, that I would have a happy, fulfilled, successful life (because that’s what we’ve been taught all of our lives, right?). So I put in the hard work (and all the extracurriculars, too), got the good grades (was salutatorian and went to the M.I.T. of the South, y’all), chose the “right” career (architecture, to be exact) - and found myself absolutely miserable.

You can do everything right, follow all the rules, be society’s definition of “success”, and still be unhappy.

Like many of you 9-5ers may know, I felt like I was watching life pass me by from the confines of my cubicle, and that’s no way to live.

Let me just tell you that a career change at this time made absolutely no sense to my logical mind. I married an architect. We were going to build an architecture business and make little architect babies. I mean, what would everyone think of me? I was supposed to be the successful one that “made it”.

But, I'd discovered a new path - a path that rebelled against everything I'd been taught - and I was determined to succeed. First, I had to figure out who I was and uncover my purpose.


I discovered that my purpose is to inspire boldness and courage in female entrepreneurs, and that I could best serve by helping them gain confidence through clarifying their message and communicating their greatness through captivating copy.

If you’ve made the decision to become an entrepreneur, then congratulations, you’ve already taken a leap of insane courage!!! You’ve had the audacity to dream of a life other than the corporate status quo.


You know that a life of boldness and freedom is waiting for you.

A life where you get paid to do meaningful work with soul-mate clients.

A life where your confidence outshines your fears.

A life where you get to make your own rules.

It can happen faster than you think.

Let me help you get there by creating a bold brand that attracts consistent clients and makes that heart-changing, life-transforming impact.

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Be Bold,

Amelia W.

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