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Need a full website copy review?
Need a hard look at your brand message?
Need easy steps to reach more clients?


Come hang out with me for 90 minutes and we’ll hash out those website copy problem spots
and make sure your brand messaging is ON POINT.


How It Works

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Click "Apply Now" and schedule a discovery call with me! We'll chat about your brand and business goals, and schedule the date of your intensive.

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After we've scheduled your intensive, I'll send you my signature AW questionnaire that feels like it's part personality test, part Cosmo-quiz.

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During our intensive, we'll take a deep dive into your brand, brand message, and/or website copy and work through actionable steps for instant results.


What's the investment?

What do you get? 

Two 60-minute coaching calls over a 30-day period.

Unlimited email access to me for 30 days after the first call.

Strategic action steps and copy development to grow your brand and business.

Investment: $797.

Hey there!

I'm Amelia, your bright-red-lipstick-rockin' Brand Coach + Copywriter.

I'm unapologetically an introvert (helloooo alone time on the couch with a movie and a glass of wine), I'm always dreaming about the next location I'm going to travel to (Atlanta's cool and all, but please, Jesus, let me see some mountains, cliffs, and oceans), and I wholeheartedly believe that queso and guacamole should be in their own food group (I may or may not be addicted to Mexican food - okay, I definitely am).

But most importantly, I believe the world needs more BOLD female leaders who are unashamed of who they are, know that they're meant to make an impact, and passionately pursue the life they dream of without letting fear get in their way.

Are you ready to make a BOLD impact? Apply now to get brand coaching and copywriting that sets your business up for success.

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